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Energy Saving

All energy saving services provided by Pace Electrical, Dublin Electrical Contractors, Ireland
If there is an electrical service you require please contact us for friendly, professional electrical advice - we're ready to take your call and help you with your electrical needs.

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Lighting & Heating are high usage items which readily convert to low consumption alternatives. Energy surveys by Pace Electrical, Dublin Electrical Contractors, Ireland
We provide a full energy usage survey service for homes and commercial premises. With each survey the customer is provided with a full spreadsheet highlighting present energy usage, suggested changes, and projected savings over the next five years.
The survey takes into account all high usage items, e.g. lighting, water heating, which readily convert to low consumption alternatives. Internal presence detectors and timers are some of the suggested changes we can make.

At Pace Electrical we help our customers to reduce energy consumption, save maintenance costs and cut carbon emissions throughout their business.

Pace Electrical's comprehensive range of energy saving products encompasses innovative cost-effective solutions, providing a fast payback for every area of your building and significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Pace specialises in long life energy efficient lighting solutions and intelligent energy saving controls for lighting, heating, ventilation and office equipment.

With today's soaring energy prices, even relatively simple energy saving measures will save you money within a short payback period and significantly reduced carbon dioxide emissions.

Pace has been helping a broad range of organisations in the public and private sectors to save energy and money with a tried and tested blend of innovation, flexibility, attention to detail and groundbreaking products.

Safe Electric, Pace Electrical, Dublin are registered electrical contractors. We will provide a dompletion Certificate for any electrical work being carried out in your home in Ireland
Dublin Electricians, Pace Electrical are on the Register of Electrical Contractors of Ireland
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